Ocala Eye offers comprehensive ophthalmic care to the residents of the Ocala, Florida region. Our offices provide patients with all eye care needs from routine eye exams to complex surgical procedures. Some of the procedures and services at Ocala Eye include Wavefront™ custom LASIK, Crystalens® lens implants, NearVisionSM CK®, no-stitch/small-incision cataract surgery, blepharoplasty and ocular plastic surgery, retinal surgery, treatment for patients with glaucoma, and cornea transplant surgery. We can also take care of your prescription eyewear needs through Ocala Eye Optical.

Below are testimonials from actual Ocala Eye patients who have benefited from our professionalism, dedication, and commitment to high quality patient care.

Bill Krysalka"I had very poor vision and was a slave to my corrective lens since the 2nd grade. The thought of being free from glasses and contacts with their associated chemistry kits was extremely exciting. At my consultation, Dr. Mark Jank gave me a detailed explanation of the procedure and made me feel quite at ease- I could tell I was in good hands. I had assumed that everyone was corrected at 20/20 vision. When Dr. Jank asked me about what I wanted from LASIK, he informed me that I had some options. I participate in tournament archery which requires clear vision of a fiber optic sight pin on my bow and also seeing my target in the distance. I am so grateful for Dr. Jank individualizing my LASIK treatment as I have the perfect balance of vision for participating in the sport I love. My experience with Dr. Jank and Ocala Eye has exceeded my every expectation."

Bill Krysalka
High School Educator
Ocala, FL

Storm Roberts“I recently visited Ocala Eye as a new patient to have my eyes checked and get some new glasses. To my surprise, Dr. Jank found that I had glaucoma. I’ve had eye examinations with other doctors before and no one has ever caught this. Glaucoma can rob you of your eyesight and once the optic nerve is damaged, vision can be permanently lost.”

“Dr. Jank was able to perform specific scans to accurately evaluate what treatment I needed. Thanks to Ocala Eye, my glaucoma is under control- they truly saved my eyesight. There’s peace of mind knowing that I have the best doctors in eye care.”

Storm Roberts
WKTK Radio Host
Gainesville, FL

“Receiving CK® eye surgery has made my life so much easier. There is absolutely no need for glasses in order to see anything I need or want to see in daily life. I work as the Dean of Discipline at Dunellon Elementary School, and I no longer need glasses to read the daily paperwork that comes across my desk. Whether it's reading a textbook during classes or a storybook to our grandchildren it is hassle free. Thank you Dr. Jank, it is such a blessing being able to see!” 

Patty Doles
School Administrator
Ocala, Florida

"I’ve been a patient of Ocala Eye and Dr. Morris for over six years. Recently, I was diagnosed with a cataract. It came on gradually but I noticed that street signs were getting harder to make out and I couldn’t read the words on the screen when watching TV. Even so, I didn’t think that my vision was that bad until I had the first cataract removed. Wow what a difference! Now with both cataracts out, I see everything crystal-clear. Staying active on my road bike is even more enjoyable now that I have 20/20 vision."


Sharon Balian
The Villages, FL

“For over 40 years I’ve had vision-related restrictions on my driver’s license. Driving at night became impossible due to the glare on oncoming headlights and streetlights. Dr. Morris at Ocala Eye diagnosed me with cataracts and I elected to have them replaced with lens implants. Wow! I am so pleased with my vision- what a difference!

“I went to get my license renewed within a couple of weeks after the procedure. During the vision test I was able to read the bottom line without glasses. Everyone at the office got a kick out of me smiling so much when they removed the restrictions on my license . That explains why the new picture on my license is one of the best I have ever taken!”

Thomas Digby
Ocala, FL

“I have been in bifocals for many years, and I am thrilled to donate my eye glasses to someone else. Dr. Mark Jank at Ocala Eye informed me of a lens exchange procedure that would minimize my need for glasses permanently. Since I have had Crystalens® surgery, my life at leisure and on the job is remarkable! At work, I can read blueprints, measure accurately, and complete paperwork all without glasses. Everything comes into clear view whether reading maps when traveling, menus at our favorite restaurants, or tying fishing lures. Even my golf game has improved! It truly is amazing to me that you can actually get a part of your youth back through an easy procedure like Crystalens vision enhancement.”

Danny Doles
Ocala, Florida

Dr. Morris at Ocala Eye saved my eyesight. My eyes had become inflamed and painful under treatment by another physician. So, my friend advised me to see Dr. Morris.

He quickly cleared up the inflammation and diagnosed me with cataracts and glaucoma. If it weren’t for Ocala Eye, I’d be blind today. Now I don’t even need glasses. I can do all the things I love, like reading and gardening, without eye irritation. Dr. Morris gave me my sight back.”

Minnie Shelton
Ocala, Florida

“My vision had become so poor that I had to give up all the activities I loved. I became isolated.

I even gave up hope of seeing my grandson clearly.

But all that changed when I learned Dr. Deaton was certified in Crystalens®. I wept tears of joy after the procedure.

Now I enjoy photography, reading, driving, and swimming again, thanks to an extremely skilled surgeon and the most caring group of medical professionals I’ve ever met. They brought the sun back into my life.”

Barbara Gilbert
Ocala, Florida

“I had a cataract in one eye and was told about the Crystalens® by Dr. Jank. I really wanted to get rid of my glasses, and the Crystalens sounded like it was just what I was looking for. After getting the Crystalens in both eyes all I can say is that it is a total miracle - when I woke up I could see everything no matter how close or how far away it was. I don’t need different glasses anymore for different occasions like my husband- he has three pairs while I have none!

I am involved with the coordination of a local section of Operation Shoebox which sends soldier care packages from donations by volunteers. I receive a lot of letters and e-mails from the troops thanking our organization for its support. What a pleasure it is to not need glasses the read the letters anymore!”

Joanna Fox
Operation Shoebox Volunteer
The Villages, Florida

“As a mother of an active teenager and teacher at Maplewood Elementary School my glasses were always getting in the way of the things that I enjoyed the most. I made an appointment with Ocala Eye and found out that I could experience life the way I wanted to with the new Crystalens®.

My results are amazing. Suddenly I see things around me in stunning detail! It’s like the clock has been turned back years and my eyes are young again. And without glasses I of course look young too!

I no longer need to fumble with glasses. I can see my daughter’s softball games, go jogging, and of course shop – and I don’t need to remember to bring my glasses! Thanks to Dr. Deaton, Crystalens®, and the caring staff at Ocala Eye, nothing comes between me and spontaneously enjoying life.

Thank you Ocala Eye for helping me see my best!”

Gail Parlin
Maplewood Elementary School Teacher
Ocala, Florida

“I have been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 21 years old. Over the past few years, I have considered having LASIK surgery, but never had the nerve to follow through with setting an appointment. Finally, after getting frustrated with having to interchange my contacts and glasses frequently, and miss out on spontaneous activities, I decided to do something for myself that would have such a positive effect on me, my work, and my home life.

After meeting with Dr. Jank he determined that I was not a candidate for the LASIK procedure because the available area of treatment in my eyes was too small. He then explained a new procedure which Ocala Eye performs called epi-LASIK. He consulted with Dr. Polack and they agreed that I could get the results I wanted with this new procedure. So, in September 2005 Dr. Polack performed epi-LASIK and everything has been so much fun ever since!

I had a Caribbean cruise planned in November 2005. I knew that I would want to wake up each morning and look out from the balcony of the boat and be able to see as far as my eyes would take me- boy did they ever! It was the best feeling to wake up and be able to see everything. Dr. Polack and his staff at Ocala Eye have such a wonderful manner about them. Everything about the procedure was explained in the fullest detail, which then answered all my questions and any hesitations I had about having the procedure done. I felt completely comfortable. I have no regrets and am so glad that I decided to have this procedure done. I am very thankful to Dr. Polack for his gift of perfecting this procedure. My vision is 20/15 now and I am really excited and am spreading my story to all I know who have any concerns about his remarkable procedure.”

Kristin Harris
Paralegal - Gilligan, King, Gooding & Gifford, P.A.
Ocala, FL

“It has been three weeks since my cataract surgery and I am very pleased. After the surgery I have better than 20/20 vision - wow!

I am a pilot and vision is a precious thing to me. Now, I can see the smallest airplane flying by, it’s just amazing. I highly recommend Ocala Eye - the doctors and staff were great and they took extra steps to ensure my comfort with the procedure.”


Irving Schwarz
Ocala, Florida

“Like most people, my eyes are closely tied to my livelihood. As an Executive Chef, glasses and contacts were often a cause of frustration for me in the kitchen. Being over a hot stove and having to go in and out of the walk-in coolers would cause condensation to often form on my lenses. Also, when wearing contacts I would have to be careful of rubbing my eyes because of the many ingredients and spices that I use. Now that I’ve had CustomVue LASIK™ surgery, life in the kitchen is so much easier. I can glance across the kitchen and see everything without straining. Experiencing the convenience of having excellent vision for the first time since childhood is a miracle and I owe my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Jank and Ocala Eye.”

Rick Alabaugh
Executive Chef, Juliette Falls
Ocala, FL

“I was fed up with glasses. My wife, Teresa, introduced me to Ocala Eye. The doctors and staff there were marvelous. Dr. Jank took his time answering my questions and making sure everything was just right. I decided to go ahead with the CK® procedure and was in and out very quickly.

I don’t even think about glasses anymore when I’m doing the things I love, like hunting and woodworking. I used to have to slide my glasses on and off to read measuring tape during projects - but not any more. Thanks Ocala Eye.”

Scott Polinek
GM of Lamar Outdoor Advertising
Ocala, Florida

“I spend about 90 percent of my workday on the computer reading spreadsheets and fine print. My reading glasses made it more difficult not only for work but also recreation. I was always taking them off and putting them on again to look at different things.

Crystalens® was a gift to myself. Thanks to Dr. Jank and this wonderful procedure, I don’t need glasses at all now! It has made such a big difference. I can enjoy reading and cooking again, and I can see menus and my scorecard without a problem.”

Pat Branner
Financial Planning Analyst
Ocala, Florida

“My deepest thanks are especially sent to you, Dr. Polack, for my successful ReSTOR lens operation From my consultation, actual operation and now the post-operative care is a clear indication of your and Ocala Eye’s expertise and professionalism. You have proven over and over again that Ocala Eye patients are indeed in good hands."

"You and your staff provided wonderful care. There is never a day that goes by that I do not appreciate my “new” vision capabilities. I’m looking forward to lots of traveling and not having glasses in the way of all of life’s experiences."

"Thanks again for being there for me and all your other patients.”

Carole MacLean
Hernando, FL

“I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea how close I was to going blind. Dr. Samy knew immediately what to do, and now my eyes are healthy again. Ocala Eye saved my eyesight.

Dr. Samy has been absolutely wonderful. He’s thorough and compassionate. He takes the time to answer all my questions. Thanks to him, I can still do the things I love, like gardening and volunteering at Munroe Regional Medical Center.” 


Michael Lankenau
Retired NYPD officer and Ocala Eye patient of 25 years
Ocala, Florida

"As a Registered Nurse, I have endless reasons for choosing LASIK. Every day I find myself leaning over patients to do assessments or start IVs. My glasses would slide down and I would be unable to adjust them until I’d removed my gloves and washed my hands. Reason enough, but at home I have a 17-month old daughter who loves to grab my glasses when given any opportunity. So when it came time for my first appointment at Ocala Eye with Dr. Peter Polack I was more than ready. Everything was so organized and professional- from the consults to my post-op relaxation time in the Zen Room. My vision is 20/20 a month after the procedure and I’m very happy with the results. I would recommend Ocala Eye and Dr. Polack to anyone considering LASIK surgery."

Jeanna Kaplan, R.N.
Ocala, FL

“When I was first thinking about LASIK at another facility, another doctor examined me and said all was good. I went for a second opinion and Dr. Jank found a retinal tear that could have resulted in severe damage to my eye if LASIK had been done at that time.

Ocala Eye has a stable of eye specialists and with their care I was able to get the right treatment, and soon after take advantage of the LASIK procedure. I am grateful for the thoroughness and professionalism of Dr. Jank and Ocala Eye.”

Derek Kelley with wife Pam
Owners of Ocala Harley Davidson
Ocala, Florida

“I hated wearing glasses. I had about four pairs, and I was always losing them. Contacts weren’t for me, either. So I went to Dr. Polack for CK®. Within 10 minutes of the procedure, I could see the time on my watch! Dr. Polack made sure I was well prepared. I feel more attractive now. I don’t need glasses to do things I enjoy, like sewing, gardening, and riding.”


Kathy Sumner
Ocala, Florida

“I have worn glasses since kindergarten so they have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I looked into getting my vision corrected, but I contemplated having LASIK for over a year. Basically the options scared me- you only have one pair of eyes and I wanted to make sure that it was something I was ready for. I spoke with other Ocala Eye patients and that helped alleviate my fears. During my consultation with Dr. Polack, he spent a lot of time answering my questions. Dr. Polack and his staff really went above and beyond in letting me get comfortable with the whole process.

After LASIK all I can say is that my clarity of vision is striking. The convenience of not putting in contacts is so worth it. I’m pretty active and when I go running my eyes would get really dry because of my contacts - those annoyances are gone thanks to LASIK and Ocala Eye!”

Lori Armstrong, M.S., C.S.C.S.
Supervisor - Medical Exercise Center
Ocala Family Physicians
Ocala, FL

“I have been a patient with Ocala Eye since 1973. Recently, Dr. Morris diagnosed cataracts in both of my eyes and suggested surgery.

Surgery of any kind is a major event and Dr. Morris puts the patient’s interest first. All of my questions were answered and when he was done I was very comfortable with proceeding.

Dr. Morris and the whole staff at Ocala Eye treat their patients like royalty- they exceeded my expectations even after all of these years. I’m so happy with my vision. I even tell my friends that I can now see the belly button on a fly!”

Sonja Bowman
Ocala, FL

“When I moved to The Villages, I already had a history of glaucoma. Finding a good eye doctor who was a glaucoma specialist was a top priority for me. Being new to the area, I found Ocala Eye on the web. I couldn’t ask for anything better on my first visit - the staff was great and they took their time to ask about all of my glaucoma history. I received exceptional treatment from Dr. Morris and his staff- I knew that I found the place I could trust to take care of my eyes.

After a few visits, they set up a visit to the Ocala Eye Surgery Center where I received a device to help with my glaucoma. The surgery center and its staff were exceptional- from my initial registration to my follow up calls. To this day Ocala Eye has stayed on top of my condition. I could not have been treated better if I was family. Dr. Morris is wonderful. Everyone on staff is so professional and the doctors are the best - I tell everyone about Ocala Eye.”

Mary Grossi Donovan
The Villages, FL

"Too many good things go unrecognized. Well, I want to tell you about Dr. Polack who performed my cataract surgery in late December. He personally called me at 8:30 PM that evening to see how I was doing. My first post-op visit he told me he would be on vacation during Christmas, but don’t hesitate to call Ocala Eye for any reason. The staff called to check on me each day.

Prior to surgery I had no vision at all. Now I see 20/25 thanks to Dr. Polack. I will not keep Dr. Polack and Ocala Eye a secret- God bless that fine young man. The whole staff is wonderfully talented and kind."

Ernestine “Cooki” Tackash

“I hadn’t realized how much of my peripheral vision was blocked by my eyelids. After Dr. Warren performed my eyelid surgery it was like the whole world opened up again. I have so enjoyed these few weeks after my procedure, and look forward to knocking a few strokes off of my golf game because of my improved vision! Thank you Ocala Eye.”


Linda Brown
Dunellon, Florida

"After cataract surgery, I was placed on eye drops to help control my eye pressure and to stop the progression of glaucoma. My vision seemed to worsen over time so I had a surgical consultation with Dr. ElMallah, where he recommended a trabeculectomy. He was very reassuring and patiently answered my questions. I was confident in him is a surgeon and elected to proceed with the operation.

Now my vision is much better and the eye pressure is controlled. I’d like to extend a heart-felt thanks to Dr. ElMallah and his staff at Ocala Eye for saving my vision."

John Balschun
Ocala, FL

“I’ll have to admit that after my previous eye doctor in Indiana told me about my eye health, I was nervous about the idea of having surgery. Within a short amount of time, I not only needed cataract surgery, but cornea transplants as well. I moved to The Villages and became a patient of Dr. Peter Polack. I am completely sold on the care that I receive at Ocala Eye. The thoroughness and professionalism of the staff, not to mention the bedside manner and exceptional medical care of Dr. Polack has me being thankful for this wonderful office.

To address my need for cornea transplants, Dr. Polack recommended DSAEK. This procedure is state of the art- just like the care I received. The results from the cataract surgery plus the DSAEK has my improved so much that I am pleased beyond words. I would not leave Ocala Eye for any other practice! You guys – the entire staff - are all GREAT!”

Jerry Surovchak
The Villages, Florida

"I started wearing contacts when I was 18. They worked pretty well until my 40’s, when my reading vision faded. My middle and distance ranges gradually declined to where my contacts and glasses weren’t helping me anymore. I made an appointment to see Dr. Jank at Ocala Eye and was diagnosed with cataracts. Dr. Jank presented a few options for me including some that might enable me to not need glasses anymore. I decided on the Crystalens® because the thought of not needing glasses was very exciting. I felt so confident with Dr. Jank, and his explanations of the procedure put me at ease.

Now I can enjoy my needlepoint creations and reading a good book without glasses. I can see amazing colors because my vision is clear for the first time in decades. I have the eyesight of a 20 year old and I couldn’t be happier!"

Suzanne Lowery
Lake Weir, FL

“As the owner of Family Fitness Training, seeing clearly is important with regards to exercise form and keeping track of a large exercise class. I would suggest LASIK to anyone with an active lifestyle. I love it and would do it again without hesitation.

The immediate result of the LASIK that I noticed was the ability to see the clock on the wall. WOW! Then I could see the small clock on the VCR. Then I could see the traffic light a few lights away! Again, WOW!

Having LASIK has made my life easier. I do not have to fuss with contacts and the solutions and enzymatic. When I step outside into the Florida humidity I don’t have to worry about my glasses fogging up because, thanks to Dr. Polack at Ocala Eye, I am glasses-free!”

Shae Coy-Tozzo
Owner, Family Fitness Training
Ocala, Florida

“I had been misdiagnosed. By the time I was referred to Ocala Eye, I needed a cornea transplant. I was close to losing my eye, but Dr. Polack was with me every step of the way.

At first, I needed treatment seven days a week. I had a lot of support from my friends, but I didn’t expect Dr. Polack to go out of his way like he did for me. I really thank God for him.”

Wanda Clark
Teacher and evangelist
Ocala, Florida

"A couple of years ago, I had cataract surgery at a different eye clinic. The left eye was fine but the vision in my right eye was getting worse all the time. I told the doctor that the eye drops weren’t helping, but he didn’t seem to have any other ideas. Then I requested a second opinion at Ocala Eye with Dr. ElMallah. He found that my eye pressure was dangerously high. Dr. ElMallah looked at my son and said that my glaucoma condition was so severe that if he didn’t control the pressure with a trabeculectomy procedure that I may go blind in that eye. I was very scared, but he arranged for me to be at the surgery center that day and was able to place a shunt in my eye that brought my pressure back down. I was scared for my vision but Dr. ElMallah saved it. He had compassion and was kind through the whole process and I’m so grateful for Ocala Eye."

Ilene Crader
Lady Lake, FL

“I have had glasses since I was 10 years old. I had thought about vision correction for a while and finally decided to make an appointment with Dr. Mark Jank.

I have to say that LASIK surgery has improved my life in every aspect. I now see the world as it was meant to be seen, and the things that I love to do are so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

As one of only 350 members of the championship Combined Driving U.S. Equestrian Team, I am exhilarated with the effect that LASIK has had on my equine competitions. When I moved to the advanced division of my sport I struggled with the precision required to navigate obstacles on the course - the speed is intense and the margin for error is so small. All of that changed with my LASIK results from Dr. Jank at Ocala Eye. In the first competition after my surgery I took first place. LASIK gave me back my competitive edge - my vision is sharp and clear.”

Marnie Hutcheson
Combined Driving U.S. Equestrian Team
Ocala, Florida

“We’ve been going to Ocala Eye for 13 years, and my parents were patients there for nearly 20 years.

We go regularly for checkups. Our physician Dr. Warren and the staff are fantastic. Dr. Warren performed cataract surgery on Tom, and now he doesn’t need glasses anymore. That’s pretty amazing considering how thick his glasses were – they were like Coke bottles!

We’re confident our eyes are receiving the very best care at Ocala Eye.”

Marjorie Brahmey with husband Tom
Second-generation Ocala Eye patients
The Villages, Florida

"As a writer my desire and principal responsibility is to make the reader see- action, a face, shapes, gestures. How much more difficult would that be if I did not see myself? Clients and friends have lauded the exceptional reputation of Ocala Eye for years, and I have personally experienced their quality care during a recent appointment with Dr. Jodie Armstrong.

Knowing the importance of good vision, you wouldn’t think that I would be hesitant in getting a comprehensive eye exam, but I was nervous at first. The doctors and staff at Ocala Eye were caring, and after the exam I felt reassured about my eye health. They have my trust. For my keeping my eyes healthy, I wouldn’t go anywhere else."

Heather Lee
Ocala, FL

“I’ve worn glasses since I was 44, mostly to process the paperwork that would come across my desk. Gradually things became even more difficult to see – the speedometer in the car, the television, etc. My continuing glasses prescription changes also made is difficult for me to enjoy outdoor sports, not to mention that I got tired of my glasses sliding down my nose in the Florida summertime. I went to see Dr. Jank at Ocala Eye to ask about LASIK. He diagnosed me with cataracts and astigmatism and suggested that the ReZoom lens implant would give me the glasses-free vision I was looking for. It’s now a few weeks after the operation and I’m as pleased as I can be. Finally I can wear regular sunglasses on the golf course!

The staff at Ocala Eye is just the best. I can’t say enough about them and Dr. Jank. Everything looks amazingly clear no matter how far away or close things are.”

Charles Beall
Ocala, Florida

“There was no way I could wear glasses while teaching kindergarteners, so I was stuck wearing contacts before I had LASIK. I made an appointment to see Dr. Jank for a vision correction consult. Dr. Jank really listened to me and explained the complete procedure in detail.

Now working in the classroom or performing even the simplest tasks such as reading a street sign are no longer a problem. Thanks to LASIK I can see everything clearly at all distances. It’s such a relief to come home at the end of the day without eyestrain. Thanks Dr. Jank, I love my results.”

Kristi Barberie
Ocala, Florida

“I had heard that Dr. Deaton was an excellent eye surgeon at the Ocala Eye ophthalmology group where my son Peter also works. I obtained information about his technique of cataract surgery and results, which I discussed with Peter, and I obtained an appointment to have an eye examination and discuss my surgery. When I discussed the surgery with Dr. Deaton I immediately had a positive experience. Sometimes a patient experiences an invisible barrier between himself and the doctor but not in this case. He was pleasant, easy to talk to and listened carefully to my questions and comments. I believe that this ability to positively make contact with the patient always brings better medical and surgical results. It was important for me to discuss the surgery because I knew that it was a challenge due to my near sightedness and history of detached retina. When I decided to go ahead with the cataract surgery I felt like apologizing to Dr. Deaton for placing in his hands a difficult eye to operate on.

Days later, it was incredible to see that well again. The brightness and contrast of things was the first big impression, and then colors changed in hue and brightness. As soon as I started to paint again, my wife pointed out that I was using brighter colors for similar scenes and then I realized that I had been seeing things as through a gray filter.

I am thankful for the vision I obtained and all its benefits.”

Frank Polack, M.D.
Gainesville, Florida

“Because of my previous medical history, I only have good vision in one eye, so naturally I am very protective of my eyesight. I recently purchased a pair of glasses from Ocala Eye Optical with Trivex lenses. A couple of months after receiving my glasses I was shopping when I stepped off a curb walking to my car. I fell hard and my face struck the pavement. My frames broke in several places, but my Trivex lenses were intact. I have no doubt that if those were glass lenses I probably would have injured my good eye - that would have devastated me. Thanks to all the staff at Ocala Eye Optical for placing me in Trivex lenses!”

Anna Kosters
The Villages, FL

“Before my eyelid surgery, my eyes looked sleepy all the time - I never even noticed it until I saw photos of myself. I noticed that I always felt like my eyelids were sticking. After a while, I got into the habit of actually lifting my eyebrows with my finger when I wanted to see something clearly. When my vision started affecting my golf game I knew I had to have something done, so I made an appointment with Dr. Warren at Ocala Eye to see what my options were.

Now it’s only six weeks after my surgery and my peripheral vision is so much better. The first thing that I noticed was with the amount of light that reached my eyes- it was like window shades were opened up. Everyone at Dr. Warren’s office was great- I just can’t say enough good things about Ocala Eye.”

Gene Perry
Retired Fire Chief
Ocala, Florida

“I've been extremely near-sighted since middle school. Every morning, right after turning off the alarm clock, I had to reach for my glasses in order to see my way to the bathroom. Throughout my day, I was constantly putting drops in my eyes to clear my blurry contacts. My vision has always been a hassle, until I had LASIK surgery with Dr. Jank. Now, I wake up, jump out of bed and get my day going immediately- no glasses, no finicky contacts. Driving down the road I see a myriad of details that I had never been able to see before.”

Katie Doles
Video Productions Specialist
Ocala, Florida

“During a recent visit to Ocala Eye, I picked up a brochure on their hearing program. A lot of the examples in the brochure sounded like me- trouble hearing in crowded rooms, saying “Huh?” a lot, keeping the TV loud, etc. I made an appointment with Kate Maen and she was fantastic. She performed a hearing test and gave me a pair of hearing aids to try out for the day and see what I thought. I was so appreciative after that “test drive” – I could hear so much better!

The entire experience just put me at ease- no high pressure sales, just good clinical advice. Now I can take part in conversations instead of nodding my way through them. I am just as satisfied with Ocala Eye Hearing Services as I am with their eye care.”

Jerry Surovechek
The Villages, Florida

"Throughout my life I have always had excellent vision. That was until I reached my 40’s. I could tell that my reading vision was steadily getting worse. It became very apparent when my fading near vision interfered with one of my greatest joys- restoring classic cars. I just couldn’t work comfortably whether reading manuals or wiring components under the dash. Dr. Deaton at Ocala Eye informed me about the ReSTOR lens implant that would not only give me great near vision but also allow me to not worry about cataracts in the future. I liked the idea of having a one-time procedure that gives me the visiual freedom I had lost. Dr. Deaton and his staff were great. It is a wonderful thing to have a complete range of vision without glasses- I can say that I got more from the ReSTOR than what I expected."

Carl Hardy
High Voltage Line Foreman
Homosassa, FL

“With each new day, you never know when you’ll make a new friend, or meet someone who might profoundly change your life. Friendship and profound change converged for me several years ago when I met Dr. Michael Morris. Back then he was just Mike, another dad like me, watching his child take a martial arts class.

When I learned that my new friend was actually one of the physicians at Ocala Eye, I knew my search for uncompromising eye care was over. I had previously had a very positive experience with Dr. Samy of Ocala Eye. After suffering blunt force trauma to my face one evening, I experienced flashes and floaters across my field of vision while driving to work the next morning. I knew I was in trouble, and pulled into Dr. Samy’s office at the Ocala Eye Retina Center without an appointment, just as the doors were being opened. Without exaggeration, I was in the exam room with Dr. Samy within 60 seconds. Laser surgery to treat my condition was accomplished that very day!

My Ocala Eye doctors continued to monitor my recovery, and helped me understand and eventually overcome my next challenge - cataracts - at only 48 years of age. In addition to being severely myopic (-16 diopters), my cataracts made it very difficult to drive after dark. After years of frustration, I finally mustered the courage to have Dr. Morris remove my cataracts. The procedure was simple, and the results were life changing. I’m now 20/15 in the left eye and 20/10 in the right eye -- perfect for my active life style.

I just returned from a client meeting in Naples. We were having dinner at a beautiful restaurant overlooking a marina just as the sun was setting. I must have been lost in thought for sometime, until my client brought me back. ‘Kevin, you’re awfully quiet. What’s on your mind?’ I smiled and said ‘I can see! I can see things I’ve never seen before...’

To Dr. Samy and Dr. Morris, I am forever in your debt.”

Kevin R. Ledzian
Managing Partner
Comprehensive Financial LLC
Ocala, FL

“I’m an active person. I like to ride my bike and go to the gym. I always had to worry about my contacts drying out. But now I don’t need contacts or glasses at all thanks to Dr. Polack and the CK® procedure.

The procedure was very comfortable and took less than 10 minutes. Now my eyes are just as good as they ever were. I highly recommend Ocala Eye.”


Judith VanDress
Retired teacher
Ocala, Florida

“I’ve spent over 24 years in the Marine Corps and have had glasses since high School. My vision was progressively getting worse each year until I could no longer read large signs or even distinguish different faces from across the room. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Jank for vision correction. The more people I talked to, the more people recommended Ocala Eye."

“Upon my first visit I received the most professional care and thorough eye exam. It was determined that I had some astigmatism and the beginning of cataracts. Dr. Jank reviewed the options for correcting my vision and I chose the ReZoom™ implant."

“It’s been a couple of months since my procedure and I am ecstatic. I can read without glasses and drive without restrictions. You can’t imagine the difference in my eyesight before and after the procedure. I’d recommend anyone to visit Ocala Eye.”

Richard Ordway
Master Sergeant, USMC – Retired
Ocala, FL

“Like most people my age I found that keeping up with my glasses had become a full time job. Working as a realtor I review contracts and fine print, and taking off and putting on my glasses to make out the paperwork was frustrating to say the least. That's when I made an appointment with Dr. Polack to see if I could get rid of my reading glasses.

I am so thrilled with the results of my CK®. There were a lot of little inconveniences I had with glasses that I wasn’t really aware of until I was free of them. Those frustrations are a thing of the past thanks to CK and Ocala Eye. There’s no other place that I recommend to my friends, and I urge you to check out CK.

It has been over a year and I still cannot believe the results! Everyday I think about how great it is to be able to see without glasses. At work, in the pool, in the garden, I just can’t say enough good things about CK. I am thrilled! Thank you Ocala Eye! Freedom from glasses is wonderful.

Brenda Taylor
Ocala, Florida

“I have worn glasses all my life. I usually get an eye exam every 2 years and new glasses at the time of the exam. To my dismay, my eyes felt like they were blurry and not seeing as they should with glasses. I found that most people recommended Ocala Eye for a solution to my problems and a good eye check up. I met with Dr. ElMallah and he informed me I had cataracts in both eyes and that he could replace them with a lens implant to help me see more clearly. He was very informative, kind, and knowledgeable.

I couldn’t believe the surgery - it was painless. My sight has never been better. I can drive and do most activities without glasses – I only need them to read! And I can finally wear regular sunglasses! During each post-op visit Dr. ElMallah examined my eyes and took the time to make sure to explain that my eye-sight had improved. He was so right. I can now wear designer sunglasses. Every time someone asks me for an eye care recommendation, I never hesitate to say Ocala Eye and Dr. ElMallah; I could not have asked for a better doctor.”

Fran Malyk
Ocala, Florida

“In my profession as an architectural designer, it is said you need an 'eye for design'. If my contacts are bothering me, then I am not as in tune to my sketches and computer models as I need to be. To offer my clients the best in design, the well being of my eyes is critical. Thanks to CustomVue LASIK and Dr. Jank at Ocala Eye I am free from contact lenses, and my life and career are better because of it.

I was very nervous about having the LASIK procedure. But once the day arrived and I was in the room with Dr. Jank and his staff, I was surprisingly calm. They were very confident and assuring. The procedure was so simple, and I was seeing better immediately afterwards. My recovery has been steady, and now my eyesight is great!

I still find myself standing in front of my vanity at night, thinking that there is something I am forgetting to do, like taking out my contacts. Then I smile and think old habits die hard, but I sure don’t miss that nighttime routine!”

Tina Anastasia
Owner, Davanti Designed Homes
Ocala, FL

“I had LASIK at Ocala Eye over 7 years ago. It has been invaluable on the job helping me in low-visibility situations and calls at night. I highly recommend LASIK and Ocala Eye.”


David Tozzo, Lieutenant
Station #21, Marion County Fire Rescue

“I used to have to tilt my head up to see clearly - I couldn’t even see the TV unless I reclined back in a chair. I think that Dr. Warren did a fantastic job with my eyelid surgery. I can see better now than I have in years.”


Charles Barden
Ocala, Florida

“As a result of my routine eye exam with Dr. Schwenk, I was diagnosed with a serious hereditary disease. I am alive today because of the care I received and the experience of my Ocala Eye doctor. I refer all my family and friends to Ocala Eye.


Alva Lusky
Ocala, Florida

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