There are a number of eyelid conditions and diseases that we can treat with oculoplastic surgery at Ocala Eye. Our oculoplastic surgeon, Alan M. Lessner, M.D., is fellowship trained in multiple cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and orbital surgeries.

Dr. Lessner specializes in cosmetic upper and lower blepharoplasty, endoscopic forehead brow lifts, and midfacial rejuvenation- including the use of fillers and fat. He treats patients with skin cancer in and around the eyelids, other tumors involving the eye and eye socket, blocked tear drainage systems, drooping eyelids, and malposition of the eyelids such as ectropion and entropion.

Eyelid lifts and BOTOX® injections aren’t just cosmetic procedures. For some they are essential treatments to maintain unobstructed sight because as we get older our skin loses elasticity, causing our eyelids to droop over the eye and reduce our usable visual field.

In addition to our cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery options, Ocala Eye Aesthetics offer various skin treatments with our licensed medical aesthetician, Denisse Gonzalez, LST.

Denisse offers her clients a complete range of skin rejuvenation services to enhance appearance, address pigmentation concerns, and nourish skin cells. Denisse utilizes all-organic products in conjunction with her skin therapy techniques such as facials, microdermabrasion, and anti-aging treatments to achieve the best possible results.

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At Ocala Eye, your appearance, visual function, and optimal ocular health are our highest priorities.

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