CustomVue Customized LASIK at Ocala Eye

CustomVueNo glasses. No contact lenses. Just pure, clear vision from the doctors you trust. Isn’t it time you lived your life in HD?

For our patients, the CustomVue LASIK procedure is literally a life-changing event. Some remark that they see detail in their child’s face they never knew was there.

Others talk about waking up and seeing the alarm clock without having to reach for their glasses. But universally our patients say they wish they had gotten LASIK sooner, because the clarity and visual freedom is something they’ve wished for their whole lives. And thousands of procedures later, our list of happy patients continues to grow every day.


LASIK surgery using a microkeratome blade has now been replaced with the option of having all-laser customized LASIK. A specialized femtosecond laser first creates a corneal incision and then the CustomVue laser reshapes the cornea to bring your world into focus. Your evaluation and the LASIK procedure are performed at the state-of-the-art Ocala Eye Surgery Center.

Laser What three things does CustomVue LASIK at Ocala Eye have in common with the Hubble Space Telescope?

Refractive surgeons Dr. Mark Jank and Dr. Peter Polack were the first to perform the LASIK procedure in north central Florida.