CustomVue Customized LASIK at Ocala Eye

CustomVueNo glasses. No contact lenses. Just pure, clear vision from the doctors you trust. Isn’t it time you lived your life in HD?

For our patients, the CustomVue LASIK procedure is literally a life-changing event. Some remark that they see detail in their child’s face they never knew was there. Others talk about waking up and seeing the alarm clock without having to reach for their glasses. But universally our patients say they wish they had gotten LASIK sooner, because the clarity and visual freedom is something they’ve wished for their whole lives. And thousands of procedures later, our list of happy patients continues to grow every day.

LASIK surgery using a microkeratome blade has now been replaced with the option of having all-laser customized LASIK. A specialized femtosecond laser first creates a corneal incision and then the CustomVue laser reshapes the cornea to bring your world into focus. Your evaluation and the LASIK procedure are performed at the state-of-the-art Ocala Eye Surgery Center.


Why Ocala Eye for Your LASIK?

Physician Experience - Ocala Eye's refractive surgeons were the first to perform LASIK in north central Florida and have performed thousands of refractiveLaser surgeries - including LASIK, EpiLASIK, Conductive Keratoplasty (CK), InTacs, and Refractive Lens Surgery. In addition, our surgeons have been referred patients from other eye doctors for more challenging cases either initially or after having had surgery elsewhere.

Refractive surgeons Dr. Mark Jank and Dr. Peter Polack were the first to perform the LASIK procedure in north central Florida.

Patient Experience - from personalized attention to exclusive 'extras' such as our Zen Relaxation Room with shiatsu chairs, our patients rave about their experience as much as the results of their surgery. Our surgeons own and operate the facility where they perform their procedures, so you can rest assured that they will see you throughout the entire process from before your procedure to after your procedure.

Procedure Experience - after almost twenty years of experience, we have LASIK down to a science - from the CustomVue individualized laser vision correction to our unique climate-controlled procedure room to neural network planning software, we are constantly enhancing our time-tested process. 

Is LASIK for Me?

LASIK (Laser-Assisted Intrastromal Keratomileusis) is approved for the correction of Myopia (near-sightedness), Hyperopia (far-sightedness), and Astigmatism. At Ocala Eye, we have stringent criteria to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients:

  1. 21 years and older - although the FDA has approved the procedure for patients 18 years or older, most patients' eyes will not have stopped growing until age 21 or so. Exceptions have been made when documentation demonstrates stability of prescriptions over the past several years (see #2). Most patients who qualify for LASIK are generally between the ages of 21 and 50 or so. Patients older than 50 may begin to show signs of cataract formation (a normal part of aging) and need to be evaluated to ensure they are are good candidates. As cataracts become more significant with increasing age, there are other alternatives to LASIK which are more appropriate for these patients.
  2. Refraction (eyeglass or contact lens prescription) within a certain range and stable for at least 2 years - LASIK today does have an upper limit; beyond this range, patients might be recommended other options that would best fit their needs safely. A stable refraction ensures that the treatment goal is not a 'moving target' and increases the likelihood we hit that target the first time.
  3. Your corneas must be within a normal range of thickness and curvature. Corneas that are too thin may not be treated safely if too much tissue is removed.
  4. Reasonable expectations - LASIK takes the place of your glasses or contacts. It doesn't give you superhuman abilities. We don't chase theoretical numbers. Instead, we create 20/Happy patients.
  5. No significant eye disease - there are some conditions that may exclude a patient from having the LASIK procedure including, but not limited to, severe dry eye disease, certain corneal dystrophies, significant cataracts, and possibly glaucoma or retinal disease. Additionally, certain systemic conditions are contraindicated unless they have been well-controlled such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  6. No history of prior corneal refractive procedures - this is assessed on a case-by-case process, as some patients who have had LASIK elsewhere before, and for which there is good documentation, may qualify for an 'enhancement' procedure. Similarly, certain patients who have had prior PRK, CK, or InTacs may also be qualified.
  7. Not currently nursing or pregnant - hormonal changes during these stages have been known to affect wound healing and so are contraindications. Similarly, there are certain medications which are contraindicated such as Retina-A and Accutane.

Can I Afford LASIK?

Get ideas and help from Ocala Eye on how to cover LASIK fees. After almost twenty years, we know a few thinsg about getting you what you want.

Cheaper than glasses or contacts? When you calculate the cost of glasses or contact lenses with cases, cleaners, and solutions over your lifetime, a strong case can be made for the one-time cost of LASIK

Priceless? What is the price tag you put on being able to see the leaves on trees, of being able to see your kids at the water park, or being able to wear those designer sunglasses without a prescription?

Payment Plans. In addition to being able to pay for LASIK with your medical spending account (MSA) or health spending account (HSA), we have easy financing solutions which make your painless procedure even more painless.

Will LASIK Work?

It did for Dr. Polack. In 2000, he trusted his career to whether LASIK would work or not. Ever since his own LASIK, he has been able to help hundreds of patients each year gain the vision they deserve.

What Can I Expect from Ocala Eye LASIK?

How Does LASIK Work? Click here for more information.

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