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At Ocala Eye, we offer surgical and non-surgical treatment for glaucoma performed by our two fellowship trained glaucoma specialists, Michael Morris, M.D. F.A.C.S. and Mohammed K. ElMallah, M.D. Our dedicated staff will assist you throughout your glaucoma treatment, always striving to inform and educate you about your condition while doing our best to save or improve your vision.


Glaucoma Patient Storm Roberts

Glaucoma is sometimes referred to as the “silent thief of sight” because it can cause blindness with little or no warning. Glaucoma is a group of diseases usually associated with elevated intraocular pressure leading to optic nerve damage and characteristic loss of vision. Glaucoma affects the side vision early in the disease, while the central vision is not affected to late in the disease process. It is possible to lose half of the optic nerve fibers before a change in vision is noted which is why early detection is so important.

People at risk for glaucoma include:

Glaucoma Screenings

We encourage you to visit Ocala Eye today for a comprehensive eye exam. If we detect any signs of glaucoma, you will meet with a glaucoma specialist and discuss your various treatment options. The glaucoma specialists of our Ocala, Florida offices will go over all of the risks of benefits of each procedure and help determine which treatment plan is best suited for you.

A glaucoma screening consists of a complete eye exam including measurement of intraocular pressure and examination of the optic nerve. Those at high risk for glaucoma should also have measurement of corneal thickness, visual field testing, and optic nerve imaging.


Treatment of glaucoma usually consists of eye drops or laser surgery, but can require major eye surgery in refractory cases. Early detection is key in the successful management of glaucoma. We have at our disposal the most modern tools for glaucoma management including:

Ocala Eye accepts Medicare and a range of insurance providers.  Click here for an updated list.

To schedule a comprehensive eye exam or learn more about treatments for glaucoma, contact one of our glaucoma specialists in Ocala, Florida today.

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To schedule an eye care appointment, contact our ophthalmology and laser vision correction offices in Ocala, Florida.

“I recently visited Ocala Eye as a new patient to have my eyes checked and get some new glasses. To my surprise they found that I had glaucoma I’ve had eye examinations with other doctors before and no one has ever caught this. Glaucoma can rob you of your eyesight and once the optic nerve is damaged, vision can be permanently lost.

“My ophthalmologist was able to perform specific scans to accurately evaluate what treatment I needed. Thanks to Ocala Eye, my glaucoma is under control- they truly saved my eyesight. There’s peace of mind knowing that I have the best doctors in eye care.”

Storm Roberts
WKTK Radio Host
Gainesville, FL


Dr. Morris at Ocala Eye saved my eyesight. My eyes had become inflamed and painful under treatment by another physician. So, my friend advised me to see Dr. Morris.

He quickly cleared up the inflammation and diagnosed me with cataracts and glaucoma. If it weren’t for Dr. Morris, I’d be blind today. Now I don’t even need glasses. I can do all the things I love, like reading and gardening, without eye irritation. Dr. Morris gave me my sight back.

Minnie Shelton
Ocala, Florida


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